AAS Recognition and ISO Certification

Our eclipse glasses are ISO certified and made in America to ensure they are safe for viewing the solar eclipse. Eclipse Optical is also recognized by the American Astronomical Society as a safe supplier of eclipse glasses. Many other sellers of eclipse glasses have unverified claims, or they might source their glasses from unsafe offshore manufacturers. Customers who order from us can be completely sure their eclipse glasses are safe and legitimate.

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AAS Recognition

eclipseoptical.com is recognized by the American Astronomical Society as an authorized dealer of authentic, American-made eclipse glasses. Companies recognized by the AAS must prove that their claims are legitimate and that their products are safe. Contrary to popular belief, NASA does not "approve" any brands of solar eclipse glasses; AAS recognition and ISO certification are the highest standards for safety and authenticity of eclipse glasses.

ISO Certified Eclipse Glasses for sale. Where to buy ISO certified eclipse glasses

ISO Certification

All of our glasses meet and exceed ISO 12312-2:2015 standards. These standards ensure that your eyes will not be exposed to any danger, even though you will be able to clearly see the sun and eclipse. When viewing the eclipse through these glasses, your eyes are protected from the sun's harmful rays.

Legit eclipse glasses for sale that are authentic and made in the usa


To ensure authenticity of our products, our glasses are sourced directly from American manufacturers. Due to their high quality and safety standards, American manufacturers such as Rainbow Symphony and American Paper Optics have the best eclipse glasses available. Many of our competitors source their glasses from offshore companies with less quality controls and regulations. You can be sure that your glasses are 100% authentic and safe when ordering through us.